12 Best 5×8 Bathroom Layout Design Ideas To Consider


‘Wash Away Your Troubles with Some Bubbles’

5x8 Bathroom Layout tips and ideas to consider

Although a 5 by 8 feet bathroom may appear compact, it is a popular floor plan that efficiently accommodates essential fixtures. However, due to the limited square footage, designing this space from scratch can present layout challenges. To help you overcome these hurdles, we consulted experts who have shared 12 valuable tips for creating a successful and well-designed 5 by 8 foot bathroom.

What is ” 5 by 8 bathroom?

A “5 by 8 bathroom” refers to a bathroom that has a toilet, sink, and shower. It indicates that the bathroom has five out of the six essential fixtures found in a full bathroom (which includes a toilet, sink, shower, bathtub, and bidet). In this case, it is missing the bathtub.

12 Best 5 by 8 Bathroom Design Ideas

Keep Size In Mind

The first thing to consider is keeping 5×8 bathroom size in mind and utilize the space accordingly. This can be achieved by placing a pedestal sink that can provide more floor space , by adding light that gives soft look.To give a stylish look add some artwork and wall mirrors. It create an illusion of larger space

Plumbing On The Same Wall

It is advisable to have all the fixtures mounted on the same wall in bathroom. This helps to create a more streamlined, organised look in a small space and ensures that each fixture is easily accessible. Additionally, when all the fixtures are mounted on one wall, this allows for easier plumbing and wiring connections.

Sink space

In 5×8 foot bathroom, Sink optimally placed near the door, as this allows for easy access both in and out of the room while also providing an adequate amount of space to move around without overcrowding the area.

Bathtub Is Required or Not

It ultimately comes down to personal preference and budget when deciding on whether or not a bathtub is necessary or either its for guest or for personal use. Consider all available options and research which ones would best fit your needs before committing to any one design element.

Storage Space for Products

To maximize the available space , custom shelving is ideal. For example, additional shelves in bathroom can be installed in the shower area to hold towels, lotions,shampoo and other items needed in the bathroom. It creates easy access to products.

Swing Door

In a 5×8 foot bathroom, swing doors are an excellent choice as they maximize usable square footage by occupying less space compared to sliding or bi-fold doors. These doors are easy to operate by simply pushing them back and forth, eliminating the need to lift heavy doors like with pocket or hinged doors.

Make Bathroom Appear Larger

For making the bath layout appear larger you can add mirrors as it creates an illusion of depth and use light colors on the wall and surface such as cream or white. Don’t add bulky furniture as it overcrowds the bathroom. Lastly add natural elements like money plants and wood accents to add texture.

Manage Your Shower Area

To make sure that your shower is properly optimised for the space available, consider installing a shower pan in place of a traditional tub this takes up less room and allows for easier cleaning as well as more efficient water drainage.

Colour Scheme

When designing a 5×8 bathroom, it’s essential to consider the color palette to achieve a visually appealing and soothing ambiance. A well-balanced combination of warm and cool tones can create the perfect atmosphere. To enhance the overall aesthetic, you may opt for a neutral color scheme, incorporating shades like white or beige. These hues bring a touch of subtle warmth while maintaining a timeless and elegant feel in your bathroom.

Showering Bench

showering bench in bathroom allows you to have a comfortable seating area in the shower. The bench can add a unique aesthetic look, giving your space a touch of charm and style. . Additionally, make sure that grout used is water-resistant so it won’t become damaged over time due to moisture buildup.

Lighting in Bathroom

Ceiling lights are an excellent choice for general lighting purposes in a bathroom and can be used to provide ambient light as well as task-oriented illumination near mirrors.Recessed lights, flush amount fixtures, pendant lights, and chandeliers are all good options for ceiling lighting in bathrooms.

Shower Area Base 

To maximize space in a 5 x 8 bathroom, consider replacing a traditional tub with a shower pan. This allows for easier cleaning, efficient water drainage, and optimal utilization of the available area.


Is a 5X8 bathroom too small? 
No, a 5×8 bathroom is the minimal size for a full bathroom, which includes a shower and a bathtub. Although the space might seem cramped, 40 square feet is still a good size for a bathroom.

How wide is vanity in 5X8 bathroom?
A 30” vanity is a good size for this style of bathroom as it allows sufficient room for a larger tub/shower and plenty of space to meet code requirements for the toilet

What is the best layout for a 5 by 8 bathroom?
The best layout for a 5 by 8 bathroom typically involves placing the toilet and sink along one wall, with the shower or bathtub on the opposite wall. This arrangement maximizes space efficiency and allows for easy movement within the bathroom. Additionally, utilizing space-saving fixtures and clever storage solutions can further enhance the functionality and aesthetics of a 5 by 8 bathroom layout.

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