Secret Ideas to create Modern Farmhouse Style


Farmhouse style is an interior design look that prioritizes practicality, simplicity, and rustic charm

Secret Ideas to Create Modern Farmhouse Style-homestylingideas

Modern farmhouse style is an on-trend way of decor that combines elements of rustic, country style with modern touches. This has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its cozy feel, timeless appeal, and homey charm. From vintage furniture pieces to shabby chic accents, the modern farmhouse look creates a welcoming environment with organic warmth.

This farmhouse style also features elements of nature, such as terracotta tiles, wood floors and natural fabric details. Not only does this look have a relaxed appealing, but it can also give any room in your home a unique character with its clean lines and simple shapes. By its ever-increasing popularity, the modern farmhouse flair allows you to bring a bit of the countryside into your space while still maintaining an up to date aesthetic.

What is “modern farmhouse style”?

Modern farmhouse design takes the comfortable, relaxed farmhouse style and adds modern touches such as smooth lines, glossy accents and neutral color schemes. It’s less rustic, more sophisticated and uses contemporary design elements like stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and sleek lighting

Key Elements of Modern Farmhouse Style

  • Rustic charm
  • Simplicity
  • Reflect the aesthetics of rural architecture,
  •  Creating a look that is both cozy and stylish.
  • Exposed wood beams.
  • A neutral color palette.
  • Money plants as accents.
  • Vintage or antique accent pieces.
  • Shiplap paneling.
  • Large, comfortable furniture
  • A console table at entrance
  • Barn doors.
  • Focus on comfort
  • Create a minimalist feel
  • Reclaimed wood

Get Your Modern Farmhouse Look

Getting a farmhouse style is easier than ever before. With the rise of modern farmhouse decor ideas and design, it is easy to incorporate elements of this charming glance into your home. One way to start is by incorporating simple elements such as , galvanized metal accents, and vintage farmhouse items like milk cans.

Additionally, you can opt for furniture with weathered wood finishes that are both on-trend and timeless. Repurposed wood pieces are also becoming increasingly popular for those looking for an eco-friendly farmhouse look.

Farmhouse design often incorporates natural materials such as jute rugs and sisal baskets which help create a lovely yet comfortable atmosphere in any space. Color palettes often include warm neutrals like taupe, off-white, and ivory combined with light blues, greens or pinks for a hint of color.

Textiles like linen and cotton can be used for bedding and window treatments, as well as curtains with light-weight fabrics like voile or gauze to let in plenty of natural light from outside.

Lighting is another important factor in creating the ultimate farmhouse feel – vintage-style fixtures with exposed bulbs exude a casual charm while corner lamps or floor lamps fill dull spaces with brightness.

Metals should be included sparingly in accessories such as candlesticks or lanterns to give the room some contrast without being overly busy. Finally, adding plants to any space will bring life to the room while providing fresh air!

Secret Ideas to Create Modern Farmhouse Style-homestylingideas

Interior You need To Design Your Farmhouse look

  • Rustic Wood Furniture: Natural wood furniture is a staple in any farmhouse-style home, so look for pieces that have visible knots, natural irregularities and texture to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Plaids & Florals: Incorporate plaids and florals into your curtains, throw pillows, blankets, and other textiles to add a touch of country charm.
  • Mason Jars: A classic farmhouse favorite, make use of mason jars as vases or storage items.
  • Industrial Lighting: Hang up industrial lighting fixtures to bring an instant vintage vibe to any space.
  • Shiplap Walls: Transform your walls with rustic shiplap panels that give your home an instant classic farmhouse feel.
  • Wallpaper Accents: Add some character to your walls with a subtle wallpaper accent – think nature-inspired prints or bold geometrics for the perfect balance of traditional and modern styles.
  • Reclaimed Barnwood Tables: Complete the look of any farmhouse dining room with a reclaimed barnwood table – it’s sure to be the statement piece of the room!
  • Woven Baskets: Add layers of texture throughout your home with woven baskets and trunks – great for storing books or linens in the bedroom or toys in the living room!
  • Add Mirrors: Make use of wall space by adding mirrors – these are perfect for bringing light into small rooms!
  • Wooden Accent Pieces: Introduce smaller decorative pieces around your home such as wooden spoons, carved cheese boards, and other rustic accessories to complete the look you’re going for!

Modern farmhouse interior design combines the charm of traditional farmhouse aesthetics with contemporary elements to create a stylish and inviting space.

In modern farmhouse decor, you’ll find a blend of rustic and refined elements. The use of natural materials like wooden furniture, shiplap walls, and stone accents adds character and warmth to the space. Neutral color palettes with subtle pops of color create a soothing ambiance, while textures like linen, burlap, and cotton add depth and tactile appeal.

Modern farmhouse homes feature open floor plans that promote a sense of spaciousness and flow. Large windows allow abundant natural light to flood in, enhancing the bright and airy feel. Elements like farmhouse sinks, shaker-style cabinetry, and barn doors  helps to modernize the whole look.

Secret Ideas to Create Modern Farmhouse Style-homestylingideas

What is classic vs modern farmhouse?

The classic farmhouse style embraces the traditional and timeless elements of farmhouse aesthetics. It often features vintage furniture pieces with distressed finishes, darker color palettes, and a cozy, rustic atmosphere. The classic farmhouse style pays homage to the historical roots of farmhouses. It exudes a sense of pining and authenticity, capturing the charm of old-world farmhouse living.

Furthermore, the modern farmhouse style seamlessly combines the rustic elements with modern influences, resulting in a fresh and updated look. Unlike the classic farmhouse style, modern farmhouse embraces lighter colors for a brighter and airy feel. Additionally, lighter woods and sleeker furniture pieces are often utilized, allowing for a more modern and streamlined appearance.

Secret Ideas to Create Modern Farmhouse Style-homestylingideas


What colour furniture is a modern farmhouse?
Neutral colours like off-whites, grey, mushroom and the increasingly popular greige – a mix of grey and beige – work really well with the modern farmhouse look. Layering different neutral tones from the same colour family mean you can keep a sense of continuity with subtle variations.

What is the difference Between Modern Farmhouse and Country Style?
Modern farmhouse style is similar to country style but uses white or light neutral colors with a cleaner, more contemporary look, while country style includes bright and pastel colors, and floral or gingham patterns. Both styles use reclaimed wood, pottery, metals, and baskets in their decor.

What style goes with modern farmhouse?
To complement modern farmhouse furniture, opt for metal details in lighting and cabinet hardware, and bring in accessories that feature wood and metal, along with those made from natural materials like wicker and rattan. But be mindful not to overdo it with accessories – rooms should be calm and uncluttered.

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