The 16 Best Floor Lamps for Living Room and Reading

Discover a variety of modern floor lamps, that add both style and light to your living space.

The 16 Best Floor Lamps for Living Room-homestylingideas

When it comes to creating the perfect ambiance in your living space, the power of lighting cannot be overstated. Lighting has the remarkable ability to transform any room , regardless of its size, and it can be a game-changer in terms of aesthetics and functionality. One way to achieve a well-balanced and welcoming interior is by combining an overhead light fixture with a stylish floor lamp. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your living room, infuse personality into your bedroom, create an inviting dining area, or set up a cozy reading nook, the right floor lamp can make all the difference.

Floor lamps offer versatility to illuminate dark cozy corners or to enhance the atmosphere during late-night gatherings. . When making your choice, consider some important factors such as size, material, and adjustability to ensure it meets your specific needs. Here we rounded up 15 best floor lamps from task, rod, arch to tripod lamps , available at popular retailers like Amazon and Wayfair to give you soft lighting without overwhelming the space. We also understand that budgets vary, so we’ve included options that cater to both budget-conscious shoppers and those willing to invest a bit more and ensures that it will complement different rooms and decor very well.

Best Overall: Brightech Carter LED Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room in Budget-homestylingideas


  • Energy Efficient
  • Budget Friendly and Durable
  • Suitable For Small and Large Rooms


  • Visible Hardware

The Brightech Carter LED Floor Lamp comes complete with a bulb that emits a beautifully warm and inviting shade of light. It surpasses many floor lamps in terms of height, making it a standout choice for those seeking ample illumination. Assembly is quite easy, ensuring a hassle-free setup process for all users. What truly sets it apart, is its affordability, making it an attractive option for buyers who are cost conscious. This lamp boasts a mid-century retro style, showcasing a sturdy metal base and a sleek walnut-finished design, appealing to those with an eye for timeless aesthetics. Moreover, its compatibility with smart home systems adds an extra layer of convenience. With an energy-efficient and long-lasting LED bulb, it’s a sustainable lighting solution that will save you both energy and money in the long run.

Although this unique Floor Lamp is undoubtedly impressive, it’s essential to take note of a minor detail – the hardware beneath the lampshade is visible. But its definitely not a major concern in front of its qualities.

Dimension: 19″D x 19″W x 65″H| Material: Wood, Linen | power source: ‎Corded Electric | watts: 9.5 | Bulb: LED | Style: Modern

Best Console Lamp: The Adesso Oslo Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room in Budget-homestylingideas


  • Sturdiness
  • Sleek and Modern Design
  • Easy to Assemble


  • Limited Height

“If you’re in search of a floor lamp primarily for creating a cozy ambiance or for occasional reading, and if you have a preference for a classic lampshade design with contemporary touches, the Adesso Oslo Floor Lamp is an excellent choice. It’s a standout selection, offering a sturdy metal base that ensures it won’t tip over easily, unlike some other console lamps. With its sleek tulip-shaped base, it stands firmly even when bumped, making it an ideal fit for various settings.

Beyond its aesthetics, this short floor lamp serves as an excellent task light, which makes it perfect for living room, entryways, and bedside use. However, one aspect to consider is its relatively modest height. This limitation in height may not provide the same expansive illumination or visual impact as taller floor lamps, which could be a concern for those looking to illuminate larger spaces or complement taller furniture pieces. Nevertheless, in settings where a lower-profile lamp is sufficient, this short floor lamp remains an attractive choice, because of its stability and elegant design.

Dimensions: ‎17.75″D x 17.75″W x 59.5″H | Material: Metal | Power source: ‎Corded Electric | Watts: 100 | Style: Modern

Best Task Lamp: The IKEA Ranarp Reading Floor Lamp 

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room in Budget-homestylingideas


  • Affordable
  • Functional and available in variety of designs
  • Easily Adjustable


  • Little Hard to Assemble

The IKEA Ranarp is our favorite pick because it stands as a formidable contender in the task lamp category, particularly excelling in scenarios like reading or tasks requiring focused overhead lighting. With options available in both black and white, it caters to a range of design preferences.

What truly sets the expensive looking floor lamp apart, is its adjustable-length swinging arm easily controlled by a fastener-type dial. This feature enhances its convenience and flexibility, empowering users to articulate the light as needed, whether directed upward or downward.

Some customers have found it little hard to assemble. However, this slight inconvenience can be viewed as an opportunity to embark on a DIY project, fostering a deeper connection with the product.

Dimension:11″W x 29 7/8″L x 60″H | Material: Steel, Powder Coating | Power source: ‎Corded  | Bulb type: LED| Style: Modern

Best Shadeless Lamp: The Article Beacon Floor Lamp


  • Sleek Design
  • Takes Limited Space
  • Not Costly


  • Brighter Light

The Article Shadeless Floor Lamp is the ultimate space saver as its Scandinavian-style fixture features an exposed bulb and a curved metal stand that’s available in two finishes, brushed brass or gunmetal gray. The industrial look is absolute in minimalistic styling, blends easily and inconspicuously into even the tightest of spaces. Assembly is also super easy and can be accomplished in as little as five minutes. 

it’s important to note that the included bulb emits an incredibly bright light, which can create a somewhat harsh atmosphere, especially in the absence of a shade. To achieve a cozier ambiance, it’s advisable to consider using a warmer light bulb. Although it stands gracefully beside a side chair amid tall planters by a sunlit window or adorns a contemporary decor arrangement.

Dimension: 61″H x 10.5″W x 9″D  | Material: Steel, Metal| Power source: ‎Corded | Bulb: LED | Style: Scandinavian

Best Arched Lamp : Brightech Mason Arc Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room in Budget-homestylingideas


  • Versatile Design and Illumination
  • Sturdy and Dimmable
  • Energy Efficient


  • Suitable for Large Rooms

This Floor Lamp offering both convenience and elegance to your living room. Its impressive weight and solid construction lend a sense of sturdiness and quality that’s immediately noticeable. The substantial marble base, boasting a round, heavy, and stable design, ensures the lamp’s stability and adds a touch of sophistication to its appearance.

One of the Brightech Mason Floor Lamp most captivating features is its layered structure, which adds an intriguing element to its design. Additionally, its versatile swing arm allows you to position the light precisely where you need it, whether to the right, left, or anywhere in between. Equipped with a bright soft white bulb and a floor switch for easy operation, this lamp provides excellent illumination.

While this decorative floor lamp’s impressive presence is undoubtedly a positive, but its drawback is that it’s most suitable for larger rooms where it can complement the space without dominating its surroundings.

Dimensions:‎15″D x 64″W x 81″H | Material: Metal | Power Source: AC| Watts: 9.5 | Bulb :LED) | Style: Modern

Best Torchiere Lamp: Carleshia 72 Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room in Budget-homestylingideas


  • 3 Way Dimmer
  • Versatile Lighting
  • Slim Design So Take Less Space


  • Less Sturdy

This floor lamp by Carleshia seamlessly complements our family room. It functions perfectly, providing additional reading light where needed. Despite its slim profile, the lamp occupies minimal floor space, making it an efficient choice. The upplight feature is a versatile addition, capable of illuminating the entire room, and the three-way light on top adds further flexibility. Its lightweight construction adds to its practicality, and it’s easy to keep clean. The lamp’s larger base enhances stability, ensuring it stands securely.

However, this upplight floor lamp may be less sturdy than some other options, which could be a consideration for those seeking an exceptionally robust floor lamp. But its many features and elegant design make it a valuable addition to your sitting room.

Dimensions:72” H X 10” W X 10” D  |Material: metal | power source : corded | Watts: 150 | Bulb : LED | Style: Modern

Best Tripod Lamp: LEPOWER Wood Mid Century Standing Lamp


  • Gives a Classy Look
  • More Brightness
  • Durable Design


  • Needs More Space

Bright and well-designed, the connecting pieces of the Lepower tripod Floor lamp are meticulously thought out. Additionally, the inclusion of extra screws for every step is a thoughtful touch that adds to the overall value of the product. The metal threads on the connections ensure a sturdy build and a seamless assembly process. This LED floor lamp exudes a classy and modern aura, making it an easy and stylish addition to any living room.

However, one aspect to consider is that the legs of the lamp angle outward, which does have the consequence of occupying more floor space compared to some other lamps. While this design choice might not be ideal for those with limited floor space, it’s worth noting that this distinctive feature contributes to the lamp’s unique and eye-catching aesthetic, which may be a pro for some buyers seeking a statement piece for their space.

Dimensions: ‎19″D x 19″W x 61″H | Material: Wood, Linen | Power Source: ‎Corded Electric | Watts: 60| Bulb : LED | Style: Classic, Modern

Best Rod Lamp : TACAHE Minimalist Corner Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room in Budget-homestylingideas


  • Space Saver
  • Range of Lighting Options
  • Dimmable


  • Remote Control

I had a challenging dark corner where nothing seemed to fit, and this TACAHE Rod Floor Lamp turned out to be the perfect solution. Unless you’re standing right in front of it, the entire area is beautifully illuminated, making it both aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic. Its sturdy build and unique modern design make it a standout addition to any living room.

One of its notable features is the range of lighting options it offers. With the ability to switch between cool and warm lighting and adjust the brightness from dim to bright, also perfectly fit in a small area. This dimmable floor lamp’s tiny yet weighted base ensures stability, while the lightweight and wide remote control conveniently prevents it from slipping between cushions.

The quality and versatility of the lighting can effectively transform the ambiance of your room, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a low-maintenance lighting solution. It’s particularly awesome for anyone dealing with limited space or looking to declutter their living space. However, the lamp can only be turned on and off using the remote control, which may be a drawback for those who prefer manual switches but definitely not a deal breaker.

Dimensions:‎‎‎5.51″D x 5.51″W x 57″H | Material: Aluminum, Iron| Power Source : Corded | Watts : 12 | Bulb: LED | Style: Minimalist

Best Tree Lamp: Simple Designs Metal Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room in Budget-homestylingideas


  • Exceptional Brightness and Stability
  • Timeless Aesthetic
  • Adjustable Lighting


  • Base Bowing

The bulbs in the Simple Designs Tree Floor Lamp offer exceptional brightness, ensuring you have plenty of light to lighten up your space. Its substantial base adds stability, effectively anchoring the lamp to prevent tipping. Sturdiness is a key feature here, blending seamlessly with its attractive design to provide focused lighting.

This designer looking floor lamp exudes a timeless and classy aesthetic, making it a sophisticated addition to your living room. It not only enhances your existing lighting but also provides an extra layer of brightness where needed. Unlike many floor lamps with bases that tend to crack and break, this lamp boasts a high-quality base construction, ensuring long-lasting durability. One standout feature is the adjustable shade angles, which can be securely tightened with a screwdriver, eliminating any wobbling issues.

The lamp’s base has a slight bow to the bottom, causing it to shift slightly when placed on a hard floor. While this may be a minor concern, it’s worth considering if you have such flooring in your space.

Dimensions:‎‎9.75″D x 17″W x 63.75″H | Material: Metal | Power Source : Corded| Watts: 60 | Bulb : LED | Style : Traditional

Best Sculptural Lamp: Clarkedale Dimmable Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room in Budget-homestylingideas


  • Modern and Lightweight Design
  • Dimmable
  • Take Less Space
  • 5 years of Warranty


  • Provides Less Warm Light

This modern looking floor lamp brings a distinct character to your lounge area, making it an engaging conversation piece. Its fun and bright design adds a touch of modernity and sleekness to your space. With an ideal height for a floor lamp, it offers both style and functionality. The dimming feature allows you to set the perfect ambiance for any occasion, and its lightweight design adds to its convenience.

One drawback is that, this lamp emits a less warm light, which may be a consideration for those seeking a warmer, cozier atmosphere. Yet for those, who are looking to infuse their space with a unique and modern lighting solution, this Clarkdale Sculpture Floor Lamp remains an excellent choice.

Dimensions:‎‎63” H X 9” W X 9” D  | Material: Metal | Power Source : Corded | Watts: 30 | Bulb : LED | Style: Modern

Best Modern Globe Lamp: Fiqevs Mid-Century Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room in Budget-homestylingideas


  • Lighten Up the Entire Space
  • Budget Friendly and Steadiness
  • 3 years warranty


  • Heavy Base

This Unique floor lamp has undoubtedly discovered its ideal spot in the living room, where it not only impresses with its graceful appearance but also delivers precisely the right amount of brightness. It effortlessly assimilates into the room’s overall aesthetic, effectively lighting up the entire space while infusing a touch of visually captivating coolness. Despite its wallet-friendly price point, it manages to exude an air of elegance, creating the impression of being far more upscale than its actual cost suggests. The Fiqevs Floor Lamp robust base guarantees firmness, casting a cozy and welcoming radiance with 3 years of warranty. A few users have observed that the lamp’s base carries a bit of weight, which could be a thoughtful for those seeking easy mobility or frequent rearrangement.

Dimensions: ‎9.5″D x 9.5″W x 64″H | Material: Metal, Glass | Power Source: Corded | Watts : 21 | Bulb :LED) | Style: Modern

Best Lamp with shelves: Simple Designs Modern Lamp with Shelves

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room in Budget-homestylingideas


  • Easy Mobility
  • Touch Dimmer
  • Affordable and takes limited space


  • Little More Bright

The space saver floor lamp with shelves is not just a stylish addition to your room, it’s a highly functional and user-friendly piece of furniture. Its elegant design seamlessly blends into your decor while offering the convenience of flexibility due to its lightweight build. The touch-dimmer feature adds a modern feel, allowing you to adjust the brightness to your liking. What’s more, this Simple Designs Floor Lamp eliminates the need for a side table and lamp, thanks to its built-in shelves, providing plenty of storage space. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, and the brightness it offers is impressive.For some, the lamp might be a bit on the brighter side but its definitely not a deal breaker.

Dimensions: 10″D x 10″W x 62.5″H |Material: ‎Engineered Wood, Linen | Power Source : Corded | Watts : 100 | Bulb : LED | Style : Modern

Best farmhouse Lamp: Theodora Swing Arm Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room in Budget-homestylingideas


  • Farmhouse Rustic Charm
  • 3 – way Bulb
  • Warm Lighting


  • Base is Less Sturdy

If you’re searching for a lamp that combines practicality with ease of assembly, your solution lies in the lamp I’m reviewing. Crafted from top-tier materials, it boasts durability and authenticity. The shade, adorned with genuine burlap, exudes a vintage charm that’s hard to beat. This Theodora Swing Arm Floor Lamp effortlessly sets the mood in family rooms, particularly in cozy reading corners, thanks to its swiveling design, enabling precise light direction.

Incorporating a farmhouse charm while embracing a rustic modern aesthetic, it strikes a harmonious balance. Equipped to accommodate a 3-way bulb, it casts a warm and inviting light. A few customers have reported concerns about the lamp’s base an imperfect floor fit. Additionally, some consider the shade slightly oversized. However, when it comes to style, this farmhouse floor lamp distinguishes itself as a unique and standout choice.

Dimensions: Base 2.5” H X 11” W X 11” D Shade 7” H X 11.5” W X 17” D| Material: Metal, Burlap Shade | Power Source: Corded | Watts: 150 watts | Bulb :  Incandescent or LED | Style: Farmhouse Rustic Style

Best Ambient Lamp: Crate and Barrel Weave Natural Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room in Budget-homestylingideas


  • High Quality Lighting
  • Visually Appealing Design
  • Budget Friendly


  • Lack of Adjustable Base

This luxury floor lamp garners widespread acclaim for its splendid natural hues and tasteful wooden accents, which not only offer an appealing visual aesthetic but also provide generous light. Its perfect for infusing radiance into a corner and transforming your room’s ambiance, particularly during evenings. The Crate and Barrel Floor Lamp decorative charm introduces an enchanting element to any space, elevating its desirability as a valuable addition to your home.

Its sleek modern design delivers high-quality lighting, But some buyers have suggested that the inclusion of an adjustable base could further enhance its appeal. But its inviting and contemporary presence makes it a savvy selection for a range of activities, whether you’re engrossed in a book, tackling a project, or simply unwinding in your living room, ensuring a comfortable and delightful experience.

Dimension: 12.8″D x 12.8″W x 47.2″H| Material: Pine Wood with Painted Finish | Power Source : Corded | Watts: 60 | Bulb: Incandescent Bulbs | Style: Mid- Century

Best Adjustable Lamp: Mercury Row Breesha Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room in Budget-homestylingideas


  • Versatile Design
  • Adjustable Arm and Height
  • Functionality


  • Accessibility Challenge

The Mercury Row Breesha Task Floor Lamp offers an understated and elegant lighting solution, perfect for focused activities like work, reading, and various hobbies. Its height and arm adjustability provide customizable illumination to suit your needs. The lamp seamlessly combines modern and classic design elements, making it versatile and adaptable.

Constructed from sturdy yet lightweight steel, this lamp can be positioned in a variety of settings to provide valuable lighting. However, it’s important to note that its focused beam may not be ideal for larger spaces. You have the option to choose between brushed nickel or brass accents to match your existing home decor. The convenience of the foot switch is appreciated, but it’s essential to place it within easy reach for optimal use.

Dimensions: 32 x 10 x 65 inches | | Material: Steel Power Source: Corded|  Watts: 100 | Bulb : Incandescent or LED | Style: Modern, Mid -Century

Best Industrial Lamp: MAXvolador Modern Standing Industrial Floor Lamp


  • Enhance Coziness
  • Elegance and Gradual Lighting
  • Easy to Put together


  • Bulb not Included

The LED MAXvolador Industrial Floor Lamp effortlessly combines modern sophistication with vintage charm. Its slight arch and glass lampshade make it a perfect fit for contemporary apartments and rustic farmhouse interiors alike. This lamp provides flexibility to customize the lighting to your preference by using bulbs of varied sizes and colors. While it doesn’t come with a bulb included, it remains a top choice for those seeking an industrial floor lamp with a touch of elegance.

Dimensions:‎‎9.84″D x 9.84″W x 65.75″H | Material:Wood, Metal, Glass, Clear Glass | Power Source : Corded | Watts : 60 | Bulb : LED | Style: Modern


Are floor lamps still in style?
Yes, floor lamps are still in style. They offer both functional and aesthetic benefits, providing ambient and task lighting while also serving as decorative elements in interior design. Modern floor lamps come in a wide range of styles, materials, and finishes to suit various decor trends, making them a versatile and timeless lighting choice.

What size of floor lamp do i need?
For a living room, a floor lamp with a height between 58 to 64 inches and a shade diameter of 14 to 20 inches is generally suitable.

How many lumens for floor lamp?
For general or ambient lighting in spaces like living rooms or bedrooms, aim for around 1,500 to 3,000 lumens for a warm and inviting glow. If you need focused task lighting for activities like reading or working, consider a floor lamp with 2,000 to 4,000 lumens, ensuring ample brightness. For accent lighting, which highlights specific areas or objects, a range of 500 to 2,000 lumens can work effectively. Many floor lamps also offer dimming options for adjustable brightness.

what is the good wattage for floor lamp?
The ideal wattage of a floor lamp for ambient lighting, 60-100 watts or LED equivalents are good. For tasks like reading, 100-150 watts or LED equivalents work better. Choose LED for energy efficiency.

Our Favorite Recommendations

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room-homestylingideas
Best Overall: Brightech Carter LED Floor Lamp

This LED Floor Lamp blends modern and retro styles, fits in small spaces, and provides ample light. It includes a long-lasting LED bulb for adding efficiency. It is affordable and versatile, plus it’s smart home compatible.

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room-homestylingideas
Best task lamp:
IKEA Ranarp Reading Floor Lamp 

The Ranarp lamp is affordable and super versatile. It has an adjustable arm that moves the light where you want it, and the matte finish stops any annoying glare.

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room-homestylingideas
Best Tripod Lamp: LEPOWER Mid Century Floor Lamp

A robust lamp with three sturdy rubberwood legs, offering resilience to minor impacts. This complements a variety of decor styles and is particularly well-suited for larger rooms due to its substantial footprint.

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room-homestylingideas
Best Tree Lamp: Simple Designs Floor Lamp

This Tree Floor Lamp offers exceptional brightness with sturdy construction. Its timeless, classy design enhances existing lighting and adds durability due to its high quality base. Its adjustable shade angles eliminate wobbling for focused lighting.

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room-homestylingideas
Best Sculptural Lamp: Clarkedale Dimmable Floor Lamp

Enhance any modern room with this sleek floor lamp. Enjoy easy lighting control with a footswitch and adjustable brightness using the floor dimmer. Customers love its ability to brighten up any space.

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room-homestylingideas
Best Torchiere lamp: Carleshia 72 Floor Lamp

This is a perfect fit for our family room, offering efficient reading light. Its slim design saves floor space, and the uplight feature brightens the whole room. With three-way top lighting, it’s versatile. Lightweight and easy to clean, the sturdy base ensures stability.

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room-homestylingideas
Best Rod Lamp : TACAHE Minimalist Corner Floor Lamp

If you have a dark corner where other lamps offer insufficient illumination or simply don’t fit, we recommend the TACAHE lamp for its lightsaber-thin design and powerful, mood-setting glow.

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room-homestylingideas
Best Adjustable Lamp: Mercury Row Breesha Floor Lamp

Mercury Floor Lamp offers direct lighting for tasks like work, reading, and crafts. Its adjustable height and arm customize the lighting experience. Constructed from durable steel, it is available in brushed nickel or brass accents to match your decor.

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room-homestylingideas
Best farmhouse Lamp: Theodora Swing Arm Floor Lamp

This Swing Arm Floor Lamp offers versatile antique-style design with adjustable lighting and a three-way rotary switch for customized brightness.

Best Floor Lamps for Living Room-homestylingideas
Best Industrial Lamp: MAXvolador Industrial Floor Lamp

The LED Industrial Floor Lamp adds elegance to your space, whether for office decor or cozy corners. Sturdy and gradual, non-jarring light for reliability. Modern aesthetics with a step-on light switch make it a stylish and functional choice for contemporary spaces.

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