17 Trendy Ideas to Decorate with Lemons

By Sarah Lyoun | Updated on July,25,2023

Everyone loves lemons, right? Whether they’re real or fake, lemons are fantastic decorations, especially during this sunny season when lemonade stands start popping up in the locality. If you want to bring a summery touch to your home with lemon-themed accents, we’ve got you covered. Lemons have become a delightful trend in decorating, adding a touch of charm to various spaces.  Check out these 17 adorable lemon decor setups for some inspiration.

Introduce Vibrant Lemon Wallpaper

Add a bold touch to your interior design with vibrant lemon wallpaper that brings a burst of color to any room. For a playful and whimsical vibe, choose a lemon print that will make your space shine. This sunny yellow bedroom creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

17 Trendy Ideas to Decorate with Lemons-homestylingideas
@lisagilmoredesign / Instagram

Embrace Lemon-Printed Curtains

Who can resist the charm of lemon print curtains? If you know how to sew, you can find lemon-themed fabric that matches your style and create your own one-of-a-kind curtains. It’s a fun way to add a touch of freshness and personality to your space.

@pinkladycookbook / Instagram

Infuse Lemons into Shelves

Revamp your open shelves with lemon decor and unleash your creativity by adding color and personality to your kitchen, living room, or family room. Embrace the lemon theme to create a curated collection of decor pieces that harmonize beautifully, turning ordinary shelves into delightful showcases of sunny charm.

@edit.interiors.anddesign /Instagram

Add Lemons in Kitchen

Since you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, why not make sure the space reflects your favorite things? This lemon kitchen decor shows how simple kitchen essentials like a teapot and dish towels can be turned into captivating accents

17 Trendy Ideas to Decorate with Lemons-homestylingideas
@simple.joy.at.home / Instagram

Lemons As a Centerpiece

For those who prefer an elegant and uncomplicated approach, lemons serve as the perfect choice. Simply place lemons at the center of your dining table, creating a timeless and affordable centerpiece that captures the essence of summer.

@hostly.world / Instagram

Lemons in Vase

Enhance a floral arrangement by placing lemons in the vase alongside the flowers. This easy addition adds a touch of luxury to the display, with the vibrant colors creating an irresistible burst of beauty.

17 Trendy Ideas to Decorate with Lemons-homestylingideas
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Add a Fresh Touch with a Lemon Wreath

Don’t believe anyone who says wreaths are only for winter. We adore a joyful summer wreath as well! Whether you hang it inside or outside, a lemon wreath like this one is guaranteed to bring sunshine into your day.

@hf_artificials / Instagram

Style with Stunning Lemon Tree

Create an eye-catching focal point in your home by styling a lemon tree in a prominent corner. The lush green foliage and vibrant yellow fruits will bring life and vibrancy to any room. Ensure the lemon tree receives ample sunlight and proper care within your home to enjoy the beauty of fresh lemons.

@hiltoncarter / Instagram

Incorporate Lemonade Bar

Upgrade your entertainment area by creating a bar with a lemon theme. Decorate the bar with lemon-inspired accessories like glassware shaped like lemons or napkins featuring lemon designs. Offer cool and refreshing lemon-infused drinks and cocktails to please your guests and generate a lively ambiance.

17 Trendy Ideas to Decorate with Lemons-homestylingideas
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Diy your Lemon Lamp

Make your clear table lamp more exciting by putting fake lemons inside the base. This surprising change will make the lamp more noticeable and interesting. Remember to use artificial fruit so that you don’t have to keep filling the lamp base all the time.

@maggie.jones.shaw / Instagram

Lemon Sliced Garland

Enhance a wall by creating your own lemon garland. Slice a lemon into thin pieces, dry the slices to remove any moisture and stickiness, and thread them onto a piece of twine.

17 Trendy Ideas to Decorate with Lemons-homestylingideas
@livecreativleah / Instagram

Lemon Themed Party

Host a lemon-themed party this summer for a delightful and refreshing gathering. Decorate with lemon-inspired decorations, serve lemon-infused treats and beverages, and enjoy the vibrant and cheerful ambiance.

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Lemon Table Decor

Create a lemon-themed console table decor with simplicity and style. Add a lemon-scented candle for a refreshing aroma. Accentuate the table with lemon-patterned runners or placemats. Incorporate lemon-inspired artwork and decorative faux lemons in a clean and uncluttered arrangement, allowing the vibrant presence of lemons to shine.

17 Trendy Ideas to Decorate with Lemons-homestylingideas
@dining_delight / Instagram

 Lemon Themed Utensil Holder

Add a vibrant touch to your kitchen with a lemon-themed utensil holder. Choose a ceramic or metal container and decorate it with lemon-inspired motifs. Fill it with your go-to cooking utensils for a stylish and functional addition to your culinary space.

17 Trendy Ideas to Decorate with Lemons-homestylingideas
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Lemon-Shaped Wall Mirrors

Enhance your wall decor with elegant lemon-shaped mirrors. Hang them individually or create an artistic display with multiple mirrors. The reflective surfaces brighten the space and create the illusion of a larger room.

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Lemon Fairy Lights

Create a magical lemon wonderland with lemon fairy lights. Thread fairy lights through faux lemons and hang them to transform any space. Perfect for garden parties or cozy gatherings, they add enchantment to any occasion.

17 Trendy Ideas to Decorate with Lemons-homestylingideas
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Lemon Cushions

Make your outdoor seating more comfortable and stylish with custom cushions that match your personal style. These lemon-themed cushions are a great choice for your back patio, creating a cohesive look between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

17 Trendy Ideas to Decorate with Lemons-homestylingideas
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How do you display fresh lemons?
Simply fill a bowl with fresh lemons and place it at the center of your dining room table. The vibrant lemons will effortlessly catch the eye, adding a touch of visual allure to your space.

How do you style lemons in a vase?
To style lemons in a vase, wash and slice them before placing them in a clear vase filled with water. Arrange them nicely and consider adding fresh flowers or greenery. Display the vase in a prominent location and remember to change the water regularly for a fresh look.

What Colour goes best with lemon?
Yellow is the color that goes best with lemon. Yellow is a vibrant and cheerful hue that complements the fresh and lively essence of lemons. Whether you’re selecting complementary accents, such as yellow throw pillows or curtains, or using yellow as a dominant color in your lemon-themed decor, it will enhance the overall visual appeal

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