16 Must See Kitchen Decor Ideas With Lemons


If lemons hold a special place in your heart, then prepare to be inspired by these delightful kitchen decor ideas. From cutting boards to wallpaper, this collection is a treasure trove of lemon-themed inspiration for your culinary haven. Lemon decor brings a touch of whimsical charm to your kitchen, infusing it with a stylish and kitschy vibe. Embrace the sunny vibes of summertime with lemon-inspired kitchen decor that adds a refreshing twist to your dining nook.

1. Lemon Table Clothe

Infuse your space with the vibrant charm of lemons by choosing a table clothe featuring lemon prints or embroidery. This simple addition will instantly brighten up your dining area and bring a refreshing citrus touch to your kitchen. By incorporating this lemon accent, you can create a welcoming and lively atmosphere that showcases your love for kitchen lemon decor.

16 Must See Lemon Kitchen Decor Ideas-homestylingideas

2. Lemon Flower Vase

Brighten up your kitchen with a delightful lemon vase that brings a burst of sunshine into your home. This captivating decor idea involves filling a clear glass or ceramic vase with fresh, vibrant lemons, resulting in a centerpiece that embodies the essence of kitchen lemon decor.

16 Must See Lemon Kitchen Decor Ideas-homestylingideas

3. Lemon Branches

Trim branches from lemon trees or opt for artificial branches from a craft store to achieve the desired effect. Arrange these branches in a tall vase or incorporate them into a captivating floral arrangement to bring a fresh and tangy twist to your kitchen aesthetic decor.

16 Must See Lemon Kitchen Decor Ideas-homestylingideas

4. Lemon Wall Decor

Upgrade your kitchen with art prints that beautifully showcase the essence of lemon themed design. Choose prints featuring stunning lemon illustrations, lemon tree scenes, or still-life paintings that capture the vibrant charm of lemons in the kitchen.

5. Lemon Printed Towels

Prefer your kitchen with a burst of citrus charm by incorporating lemon printed towels into your decor. The lemon prints on the towels create a cheerful and lively atmosphere, transforming your kitchen into a delightful space that exudes the freshness and vibrancy of lemon decor ideas.

6. Lemon Kitchen Set

Opt for plates, bowls, and mugs adorned with lemon designs or patterns. It elevates the visual appeal of your table setting, infusing your meals with a delightful citrus-inspired charm. Enfold the vibrancy and style of lemon decor as you savor delicious meals in your lemon decorated kitchen.

7. Lemon Themed Basket

Stay organized in style with a lemon themed basket that complements your kitchen decor. Look for baskets featuring lemon patterns or woven designs that add a charming and functional touch to your lemon kitchen decor.

16 Must See Lemon Kitchen Decor Ideas-homestylingideas

8. Lemon Tiered Tray

Arrange an assortment of lemon themed items, such as mini potted lemon plants, lemon-scented candles, or lemon-shaped salt and pepper shakers, on the different tiers of the tray. The lemon kitchen decor tiered tray becomes a centerpiece that exudes vibrant charm of lemons in your kitchen.

9. Lemon Table Decor

Combine fresh lemons, vibrant floral arrangements, and lemon-scented candles to create a striking table decoration that embodies the essence of lemon decor. Whether it’s a casual brunch or a special gathering the lemon table decoration becomes a focal point that enlivens your dining experience and showcases the versatility of lemons in kitchen decor.

10. Lemon Countertop

Introduce your kitchen countertop with the vibrancy of lemon decor by placing a bowl of fresh lemons. The bright yellow hues of lemons against your countertop create a cheerful and inviting ambiance, effortlessly integrating lemons into your kitchen decor.

16 Must See Lemon Kitchen Decor Ideas-homestylingideas

11. Lemon Fridge

Add a whimsical touch to your kitchen by incorporating lemon themed magnets or decals on your fridge. These small yet delightful accents instantly transform your fridge into a central point of lemon decor.

16 Must See Lemon Kitchen Decor Ideas-homestylingideas

12. Lemon Wallpaper

Adopt the charm of lemon decor by adorning your kitchen walls with lemon themed wallpaper. Opt for wallpaper featuring lemon prints or patterns to create a lively and refreshing atmosphere. The lemon wallpaper becomes the backdrop of your kitchen, infusing the space with its vibrant and invigorating energy.

13. Lemon Window

Complete your lemon kitchen decor with lemon-themed window treatments that bring a touch of sunshine into your space. Choose curtains or blinds featuring lemon prints or patterns to create a cheerful and inviting ambiance. Let the refreshing essence of lemons shine through your windows with this delightful decor choice.

14. Lemon Scented Candles

Light up these aromatic candles to imbue your space with a refreshing and uplifting fragrance. Whether you’re cooking, entertaining, or simply enjoying a quiet moment in your kitchen, the lemon-scented candles add an extra layer of sensory delight to your culinary haven.

16 Must See Lemon Kitchen Decor Ideas-homestylingideas

15. Lemon Clock

Incorporate a lemon clock into your kitchen decor to add a functional and decorative element. Choose a clock with a lemon shaped design or one featuring lemon patterns. This unique piece will not only help you keep track of time but also contribute to the overall citrus-inspired theme of your kitchen.

16. Lemon Kitchen Rugs

Enhance your living space with these charming rugs featuring lemon prints, patterns, or motifs. Introducing these rugs adorned with lemons to your kitchen decor. Experience the revitalizing energy as you step onto the rug adorned with lemon prints, invigorating your culinary sanctuary.


What Colour goes with lemon for a kitchen?
Lemon pairs well with colors such as white, gray, light blue, green, and neutral tones for a kitchen. These color combinations create a fresh, clean, and inviting atmosphere, allowing the vibrant yellow of lemon to stand out.

Can I incorporate lemon decor in a small kitchen?
Absolutely! Use lemon accents sparingly to avoid overwhelming the space. Opt for smaller items like lemon-printed dishware, a lemon-scented candle, or a lemon-shaped cutting board to add a pop of citrus charm without overcrowding the area.

What are some easy ways to add lemon accents to kitchen decor?
Place a bowl of fresh lemons on the countertop, hang lemon-printed curtains, or display lemon-themed dish towels and oven mitts.

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